Rank The David Gray Studio Albums

Discussion in 'David Gray's Music' started by Brian Morris, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Brian Morris

    Brian Morris New Grayhead

    How would you rank David's studio albums?

    Here's my ranking:

    1. Life in Slow Motion
    2. White Ladder
    3. Mutineers
    4. A Century Ends
    5. Draw The Line
    6. Flesh
    7. Sell, Sell, Sell
    8. Foundling
    9. New Day at Midnight
  2. dario

    dario New Grayhead

    Here's my ranking:

    1. Draw The Line
    2. Foundling
    3. Life in Slow Motion
    4. A Century Ends
    5. White Ladder
    6. Flesh
    7. New Day at Midnight
    8. Sell, Sell, Sell
    9. Mutineers
  3. chris johnson

    chris johnson Member Grayhead

    Maybe people will have fun with this, but for me, the best album is the one I'm listening into at the time. Each one has its own glow and charm. I rarely listen to anything other than David. He's got me as a fan forever!
  4. thefox

    thefox Active Grayhead

    White Ladder
    Draw The Line
    Lost Songs
    A Thousand Miles Behind
    A Century Ends
    The EP's
    Sell Sell Sell

    [Greatest Hits/Best of/Shine Best Of... don't count to me!]
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  5. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Hi friends, this is a great idea for a thread but somehow I am missing a few albums in your lists...
  6. joshua_nathan

    joshua_nathan Member Grayhead

    This is pretty hard. 1 and 10 are for sure... all the middle ones fluctuate. There's a reason why White Ladder was so popular. It's really really really good. I am 100% certain about my least favorite album. ANDAM wasn't great by DG standards when it came out, and time has not been a friend to it, either.

    1. White Ladder
    2. A Century Ends
    3. Life in Slow Motion
    4. Draw the Line
    5. Mutineers
    6. Sell Sell Sell
    7. Lost Songs (if you're counting this as a studio record)
    8. Flesh
    9. Foundling
    10. A New Day at Midnight

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